Business Data. In Context.

We believe that without context, business data is useless. Our API makes putting data in context easy. Context helps you make smarter decisions, faster.

Data vs. Context

Here's some of the "Aha" moments "businesses context" has given our users.

  • Investors

    A US startup in the tech industry did $5M in sales after only 1 year! - "sounds like a great investment"

    A competitor launched in the UK only 3 months ago and already did $10M in sales. - "Aha...that changes things!"

  • Sales

    A sales lead is using your competitor's product. - "That's going to be a tough sell"

    Your colleague closed a similar company a month ago. They wrote a case-study about how your product helped them grow. - "Aha...I should forward that case-study!"

  • Executives

    My company is working on a secret new product - "We'll be first to market!"

    A startup just announced a competing product and is trying to secure seed funding. - "Aha...we need to act fast!"


Easy API

People spend hours manually researching companies. Our API makes it easy to get the data you need on any context.

Use our API to build smart software or even train your own AI.

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